DVD de l'EJC 2005
Date: 13 January 2006 à 06:46:07 CET
Sujet: Médias

Le DVD de l'EJC 2005 est fini: www.ejc-video.com
Plus bas, l'annonce de Clemens Rudolph

Mise à jour:

Les premiers DVD sont partis, le site est mis à jour

Des passages sont disponibles sur le site

Hi Jugglers,

the EJC 2005 DVD is finished!
I send the master to the copycompany on tuesday.
I will get the copies next week.
And send them directly to the people who already payed.
(So, if you did not pay already...)

The webpage will be also updated soon.

I hope you like the film.
I put more than two month work in it.
The musik is all made by friends or friends of friends.

Sorry again for delay.
I had some really hard hardware problems which cause the delay.

If you want a copy write an email with your address to
--> order@ejc-video.com
if you want a DVD or VHS.

The film costs 10 EUR
+ postage 1.50 EUR to EU (and swiss, finland etc)
+ postage 4 EUR to rest of the world

You can transfer the money to my bank account,
or you can pay with PayPal.
If you want to pay with creditcard use PayPal,
but they charge an extra fee of -.80 EUR

I will give you all the data you need to transfer the money
in the reply mail.

P.S. If you like the dvd tell your friends to buy it or buy it for them
and not just copy it - respect my work, please.


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